Flow Meter (Compressed Air & Gas)

Easy-to-use insertion flow meter

to accurately measure the flow

in compressed air systems.

Reliable and highly economical

compressed air flow and

consumption measurement

directly at the point of use.

Compact flow meter provides

accurate consumption and

cost monitoring of gas supplies

and consumers.

Compact vacuum flow meter

for precise monitoring of

performance vacuum pumps.

The Inline compressed air flow-

meter comes with a measuring

section in different sizes and

fits perfectly in your system.

Precise pitot tube flowmeter

for reliable and long-term stable

measurements of wet

compressed air directly at the compressor outlet.

Insertion sensor for reliable

measurement of compressed

air flow in harsh environments

as well as all-weather and

Ex applications.

Inline consumption sensor

with measuring section for

use in harsh environments

and ATEX / Ex areas.

Flow & Consumption Meters (Liquid & Steam)

Long-term stable measurement

ofmass flow and consumption

in saturated steam with

automatic density compensation.

Reliable non-Invasive flow

monitoring of water and

various other liquids.

Accurate flow measurement of

water and other liquids with

easy installation, no pressure loss

or leakage.

Dew Point Meters

S220 Dew Point Sensor for

Compressed Air (-100 +20 °C Td)

Ideal dew point sensor to monitor

desiccant dryers with a range of

-60 +20 °C Td.

Long term-stable dew point measurement in fridge dryer applications, with a range of

-20 +50 °C Td.

Mobile and high reliable on-site

dew point measurements in

compressed air systems.

Ex dew point sensors provide

long-term stable dew point

monitoring in industrial or

hazardous applications.

Simple and cost-efficient dew

point monitoring, by serving

as a measuring and

display device.

Data Logger / Display / IoT

Cost-effective display

solution for industrial sensors

and applications.

Powerful yet cost-effective

data logger and display solution,

connectable with all SUTO and

third-party sensors.

Flexible portable data logger

for energy analysis (ISO 50001)

and air audits (ISO 11011) at the


Leak Detection

Simple and flexible detection

of compressed air and gas

leaks using ultrasonic technology.

Intelligent ultrasonic leak

detection and leak recording

of compressed air

and gas leaks.

The Leak Management Software

(LMS) provides a total solution

for leak detection, management

and easy report creation.

Additional Sensor & Accessories

High accurate and affordable

industrial pressure sensor for

manifold applications.

Temperature Sensor for

Compressed Air and Gases

Electrical Current Transmitter

to Measure Compressor

Energy Consumption

Easy-to-install power meter

for determining the energy-

efficiency of compressors.

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