Industrial Energy Management System

IEMS is an end-to-end energy managament solution that is highly customizable and fully integrated into the industrial world specifically for monitoring, reporting, control and automation.

As for some of the advantages are :

  1. Basic Data aims to make measurements for information collection before the implementation of the improvement program is implemented.
  2. Efficiency analysis aims to determine the tools such as compressors are still in optimum condition or not.
  3. Consumption analysis aims to balance the supply and demand for compressed air.
  4. Leak identification aims to find out how much compressed air consumption during NO production period.
  5. Identification of Use aims to know immediately when the consumption of compressed air exceeds used.
  6. Cost calculation aims to know how much compressed air is used by each part of production precisely.

Compressed Air Preparation

Compressed air systems are almost used in all industrial lines both automotive, steel, textile, printing, medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries. But before the compressed air system is used, there must be preparation in advance which is regulated in the international standard ISO-8573.

In this case Mehaba provides solutions for compressed air preparation systems according to your needs which refers to the ISO 8573 standard starting from the procurement of compressor units, tanks, filters, dryers, pipe installation to commissioning.

Compressed Air Quality Measurement

(ISO 8573)

Mehaba provides compressed air quality measurement services, where measurements refer to ISO 8573 standards, where these measurements are absolutely carried out to support the needs of your company

The equipment is always calibrated every year to maintain the validity of measurements in order to remain in accordance with established standards. We have dew point measurement with 3 units quantity, 1 unit particle gauge and 1 unit oil level gauge.

Filling Machine - Volumetric

We provide production machines according to your factory needs. Starting from planning, concept, design, manufacturing, to commissioning the machine. With There team of experts in every field we try to help you to achieve the required efficiency

Design - Installation - Commissioning HVAC

We are ready to serve your needs, consult how to choose the appropriate HVAC unit for your building, factory, process, storage, clean-room, etc. Your company can also tell us your problem on your existing HVAC Requipment so that we can provide a suitable solution to address your on-site issues, heating, and problems related to your needs and storage space.

HVACR systems and control systems:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Clean room for industry & hospital
  • Fermentation chamber
  • Cold room, freezer room, cold storage, blast room
  • Hazardous area, Zone 0, 1, 2 / Class 1 Div 1, Class 2 Div 2, etc
  • Other requirements and specifications

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

We help build wastewater treatment infrastructure (WWTP) for your plant needs. Where it starts from concept to execution in the factory.

Modification or improvement of the existing WWTP

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

We also help build process water treatment (WTP) to support the needs of your company, in accordance with the required standardization

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